Testimonials for USparkle Therapy Centre & Day Spa in Christchurch New Zealand

Read client testimonials about the great treatments and therapies offered by the USparkle Therapy Centre & Day Spa in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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Here is some feedback on what others have said about the treatments and therapies at the USparkle Therapy Centre & Day Spa:

I thought I would drop you a line to let you know how the Galvanic machine and treatment have helped me.

In October last year I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsey.

I was fortunate that I did not have a severe case of it which meant I did not look as though I had a full stroke but it still affected one side of my face not functioning right.

I suffered ear and eye pain due to the inflammation of the nerve caused by the Bell's Palsey. I was unable to shut my eye or blink correctly and only had half a smile. It was suggested while having issues to massage my face to help with the pain and to help with ensuring muscles could heal.

I remembered attending an information night about the Galvanic and how it has a number of other uses to help with pain massage etc so started using my galvanic machine to help my face. It worked wonders relieving some of the pain I was feeling and helped with the massage of my muscles. I continued to use it until about a month later things started to settle down.

I continue to use it since then when symptoms flare up again and find by the time I have stopped using the machine the pain has reduced or gone.

I am so pleased I invested in this Galvanic Machine as it has huge benefits.

Julie, Christchurch

As I have religiously for the past 43 years, (since I was 15), cleansed/moisturised my face each morning and night, never going to bed with make up on, (even after a hard night have had my husband 'steady' me at the basin as "I must clean my face"), and used only quality products, I was a little hesitant when Lyn from USparkle informed me my skin was dehydrated.

I was very impressed with how her skin looked though so decided to take the plunge and do a 6 week course of galvanic treatment. This involved twice weekly visits, 12 treatments in all. After the fourth treatment I could see a notable difference in my skin, it looked smoother, clearer.

Today I am having my twelfth treatment and I am just amazed at how hydrated my skin has become, and I know I look much younger.

I have for the past six years had botox treatment around the eyes and forehead area, my next appointment was due in two weeks time however I have cancelled that as I do not think it necessary.

I am buying my own galvanic machine and will keep up my own treatments at home once a week.

Lyn knows what she is talking about and I thoroughly recommend this treatment. It is amazing!

From a highly satisfied customer.

Sharon, Canterbury

I just wanted to say thanks to Lyn and the team at USparkle Therapy & Day Spa in Christchurch. Being overseas it hard sometimes to organise special treats for your family and Lyn made it so easy and was so lovely to my sister in law. I know she is in good hands and will be thoroughly spoilt by you all! Thanks again for all your help and caring.

Rachael, Melbourne, Australia

I loved the massage and want to come as regularly (as money can let me) as possible for that.

I have had so much 'energy' this afternoon!? I have shopped, baked, and still feel 'buzzing' with energy – haven't felt this beaming since I was at my fittest last year! So something has worked.

I really benefited from chatting with you – so hope that was ok too, you've really inspired me to keep 'listening' to my body re: dairy, wheat, exercise.

So lovely to meet, chat, and have your expertise spent on me today.


...Rosie has done an awesome job (eyelash extensions) so please tell her thanks. They feel great as well. Very happy.


Jasmine Pat

USparkle Therapy Centre's galvanic skin therapy facials have done wonders for my sensitive skin.

Having just completed a 12 session galvanic skin therapy program with Lyn Hogben, the feel of my skin has never been better.

I highly recommend galvanic skin therapy for ultimate hydration. During my first session, I couldn't believe how dehydrated my skin was. My skin is no longer dry or dehydrated and the appearance of my skin is much more healthy and radiant.

I continue to receive compliments on how young my skin looks. I am convinced galvanic therapy has helped 'lift' my cheekbones and my best features have been enhanced in a natural way. I found each session so relaxing and knew it was doing wonders for my skin. Any skin imperfections like skin 'tags' which are known to be caused by ageing and also highly sensitive areas of my skin that were prone to eczema and allergies have been treated, thanks to Lyn's extensive knowledge and caring approach.

Jasmine Pat, Christchurch

WONDERFUL treatment, thank you so much.